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Name the causes of World War 2
Treaty of Versailles
Terrible Economy
Terrible Leader
What was the policy that allowed the president to provide arms to certain foreign countries called?
Lend-lease Act
What did the United Nations pledge to do?
Maintain World Peace
Describe the Truman Doctrine and its purpose
To provide military and economic aid for countries threatened by the Soviet Sphere
What was the Eisenhower Doctrine?
The government would help eastern countries who requested help from countries in opposition of America
What is NATO and what is its purpose?
North Atlantic treaty organization: a group of 12 members that will fight for each other.
List some facts about the Korean War
Russians would try to take over Korea
Japan ruled Korea from 1910 to 1945
first time sent troops to stop communism
What was the plan called when the U.S gave aid to Western European countries to prevent economic collapse after world war 2
Marshall Plan
What was Detente
Policy to ease cold war tentions
What was SALT I?
5 year contract that limited the number of missiles America and Russia had.
Describe the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Enlargened rights for most people
sped up the desegregation in schools
Banned discrimination in work places
What did the civil rights act of 1968 do?
Ended discrimination in housing.
Who were some well known people and groups associated with the Black Power movement?
Stokely Carmichael
Black Panthers
Malcom X
De Jure Segregation
Segregation by LAW
De Facto segregation
Segregation by practice and custom!!
Define Affirmative Action
Special efforts to hire or enroll groups that have suffered discrimination
Name four events that happened in 1968
Tet Offensive
Robert Kennedy Assassinated
Nixon Becomes President
Define the Tonkin Gulf Resolution
On August 7, 1964, Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, authorizing President Johnson to take any measures he believed were necessary to retaliate and to promote the maintenance of international peace and security in southeast Asia.
What two things are required of the President in the War Powers Act?
Inform congress that he is sending forces to hostile areas.
Can only keep troops 90 days in the area unless approved by congress.
Cesar Chavez?
Leader of Mexican American Farm Workers
CYNICAL feelings about the government.
name THREE Indian American movements
Occupation of the Bureau of Indian Affairs
Occupation of the Bureau of wounded knee
Tail of Broken treats march on washington
Roe VS Wade?
Legalize abortion in the U.S
3 goals of Womens Rights Movement
Equal Pay
Greater Political Participation
Why did OPEC place an embargo on oil to the U.S
We supported ISRAEL (amazing) in war against Egypt and Syria.
Who signed the Camp David Accords?
Jimmy Carter (president)
Why did Jimmy Carter lose to Reagan in the 1980's election

(he's a peanut farmer btw)
The Iran hostage Crisis
National Energy Act:
Placed a tax on gas guzzlen cars
Removed peice controls on oil and natural gas produced in US
Name the basic goals of the Conservative Coalition
Opposed Entitlements
Opposed abortion
Opposed affirmative action.
Reagan spent most money on what?
DEFENSE and military
First female justice of the U.S Supreme Court:
Sandra Day O'Connor
What happened after the Persian Gulf War?
Kuwait was liberated
Which President emphasized trade with China?
President Clinton
What president was Impeached in 1998
Bill Clinton
What was significant about the 2000 election concerning the popular votes?
Algore won popular vote, but bush was voted in by house of Electives.